Meet Our Tutors

Picture of Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall English (especially writing); SAT and PSSA prep

I use interaction and creative production to improve students' knowledge of the writing process.

Picture of Monica Harbison

Monica Harbison Reading, English, Language Arts & Writing - Grades K-12 Math - Elementary

I am a certified Reading Specialist and English teacher with experience teaching students from kindergarten to high school. My title as an Improvement of Reading teacher has given me the expertise to plan and prepare lessons for individual and small group instruction. I am also a concerned member of my community who volunteers on Saturdays tutoring students at the neighborhood recreation center. I understand the value of education and wish to be a part of improving the skills of students by building their confidence as well as their academic success. 

Picture of Adam Levin

Adam Levin Algebra, Algebra II, Computer Applications, Reading Support, Elementary Math, SAT, ACT and more!

I have eight years of tutoring experience and am the founder of Tutor Delphia. I find that I am able to connect with students and help them learn at an accelerated rate through one-on-one tutoring.

Picture of Lyndi R.

Lyndi R. Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Algebra I

As a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a cancer biologist, I use many scientific and math concepts on a daily basis.  I have taught several college and graduate level classes and mentor junior scientists daily.  I can clearly explain and break down complex concepts to make them more understandable.  I enjoy working with others and teaching!

Picture of Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore Reading, Math through Algebra and Geometry, Writing

Innovative tutor with strategies for anxious and/or underachieving students

Picture of Robyn Gurnari

Robyn Gurnari Science (Up to HS), Anatomy and Physiology (All levels, including College), Spanish (Up to Intermediate Level College), Psychology (All levels), Elementary and Middle School subjects (including special services), English/Writing (all levels)

My name is Robyn Gurnari and I am studying the speech-language-hearing sciences at La Salle University looking to pursue a career of speech therapy with all ages upon graduation. I specialize in sciences but can work with most subjects. My philosophy is that all subjects can be learned by varying teaching and learning methods. Adaptation is the key to success.

Picture of Arnold Barr

Arnold Barr Physics (all levels), Math (all levels)  

To relive the excitement of discovery is the most effective means of learning.

I use discovery learning to illuminate the discoveries that allow us to become more real to the world. This study has a long and glorious history. What people believed often bent their views. We use the scientific method to guide our discoveries and help reveal truth.

Picture of Shang Celsius Ndze

Shang Celsius Ndze Civil Engineering, SAT, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, Analysis, Vectors, Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Special Relativity, Quantum Physics, Optics, Chemistry, AutoCAD, French, West African Pigin English

I have a Bachelor's degree in Physics and another in Civil Engineering. I can help resolve any challenges you may have in Math, Physics, Chemistry, or Civil Engineering.

Picture of Carlos Uribe

Carlos Uribe Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, AP Physics

I studied Electrical Engineering at Penn State University, specializing in Control Theory and Digital Signal Processing. I am a detail oriented person and a problem solving aficionado who loves teaching others how to conquer the toughest problems with ease and efficiency.  I specialize in Math and Physics.

Picture of Sarah Snyder

Sarah Snyder Science, English, Math Elementary, Middle, and Upper Grades

I am a certified teacher and graduate of Teacher's College, Columbia University. My background is in Earth Science and I've taught middle school science for over 5 years. I also taught in India and am comfortable students of all backgrounds.

Picture of Robin Joy Finkelstein

Robin Joy Finkelstein Reading, Writing, Elementary Education for 1st grade to 4th grade, Hebrew

I've been teaching for 36 years. For the past 11 years I've taught 1st to 4th grades in all subjects. I'm certified in elementary education and Hebrew, and have taught many students, including those with special needs and English language learners. 


Picture of Nefertari Adams

Nefertari Adams Adult Tutoring, English Tutoring, Math Tutoring, Test Prep , Elementary Tutoring, Middle School Tutoring, High School Tutoring

Given my extensive educational background coming from boarding school in Connecticut, then obtaining my bachelors degree at Howard University and now pursuing my MBA at Wharton, I have found that it has always been those people who were willing to mentor and tutor me, in my greatest times of need, that made some of the greatest impacts on my life. It is for this reason that I have aimed and will continue to aim to pay it forward!

Picture of Per Faaland

Per Faaland SAT, GRE, Elementary Math, Algebra, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Critical Thinking and more! 

In my 20+ years as an educator, I have enjoyed working with students and helping to guide them to turn confusion into clarity, inability into mastery, and intimidation into confidence. I have enjoyed assisting and coaching students across ages, levels and abilities to attain these objectives in many diverse subjects.

Picture of Gina Tomaine

Gina Tomaine English, Reading, Writing, Composition, Test Prep (ACT, SAT, College Essays), Social Sciences, Latin

I am an enthusiastic lover of learning with 7 years of writing tutoring experience. I have an M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Emerson College in Boston, and a B.A. in English and Economics from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I am currently an admissions counselor as well as an adjunct instructor in Composition and Literature at Saint Joseph's.

Picture of Lee Burwasser

Lee Burwasser Math, Chemistry, Physics, English, US History, Standardized Test Prep, Writing, French

I have over four years tutoring experience and a Bachelor's in Physics. I love working with students to both improve their understanding of the material and to lower their anxieties (and those of their parents!). Though I specialize in Math, Chemistry, Physics, and SAT prep, I cover most other subjects as well.

Picture of Christopher Curcio

Christopher Curcio English/Language Arts, Middle Years Math, Social Studies, Business Math, Microsoft Office

I am an 8th grade ELA teacher at Roosevelt Elementary in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. I am 28 years old, a father-to-be, and am currently working on a Master's degree in Academic Leadership at Drexel University.

Picture of Alex Cathcart

Alex Cathcart English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Trig, Precalc, Elementary/Middle School Math and Reading, SAT Prep

I studied both biology and English literature at the University of Pittsburgh. I love learning and discussing widely varied subjects and trying to find connections between them. My love of educating and building relationships with others led me to medicine; I am currently a medical student at Temple University, and I intend to go into pediatrics.

Picture of Steve Scarfone

Steve Scarfone SAT, MCAT, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, General and Organic Chemistry, Biology

I am a recent Penn graduate, with a Bachelor's degree in Biophysics. I have 6 years of tutoring experience, mostly with high school and college students. But I also have taught science to elementary students in the Philadelphia School District for 4 years. So I am comfortable and experienced with all ages, and committed to helping your child succeed!

Picture of William Breeman

William Breeman All Elementary & Middle School subjects, High School Social Studies subjects, Algebra I

I am currently a senior Elementary and Special Education major with a minor in History at Arcadia University.  I am interested in tutoring to help students achieve their potential and help them become passionate and life-long learners!

Picture of Vince McNeil Jr.

Vince McNeil Jr. Spanish, Portuguese, English Grammar, Linguistics, ESL, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalc, Calculus

I am a graduate of Temple University who studied mathematics and linguistics who's multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, & ASL) and well-versed in mathematical deductive reasoning. I teach language to teachers and parents in the city of Philadelphia and I currently am music director for an adult unaccompanied choir out of Villanova University. 

Picture of Tim Dudinyak

Tim Dudinyak Elementary Math, Elementary Reading, Elementary Writing, Elementary Science and Social Studies

I am a certified elementary teacher who is passionate about education.  I have worked in many roles for the past 19 years - teacher, camp counselor, after school program coordinator, tutor, and group home case worker.  After recently completing my 10th year of teaching in Philadelphia, I look forward to more 1:1 work with students.